At Drummond économique (formerly SDED), we support economic, industrial, commercial and tourism initiatives in the Drummond RCM. We provide the resources you need for your business start‑up, business acquisition or expansion.

Our team comprises professionals dedicated to the economic development of the Drummond RCM and is always on the lookout for innovative opportunities.

Our mission for Drummond économique's development

Our goal is to promote the economic development of the Drummond RCM. How do we do it? We deploy our resources to support and promote the commercial, manufacturing, service and tourism sectors.

Our mandate

  • Promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the Drummond RCM through regional activities and training

  • Attract foreign investment and prospect internationally

  • Support and accompany new entrepreneurs in the start‑up of their business projects

  • Contribute to investment funds and government assistance programs

  • Manage the Centrexpo Cogeco Drummondville, Drummondville Airport, Industrial Incubator and Tourisme Drummond

Regional portrait

Drummondville probably comes to mind if you’ve heard of the poutine’s hometown, the Village Québécois d’Antan or the best destination for a break on highways 20 or 55.

Drummondville is a census metropolitan area that now defines itself more than ever by its business flair, intelligent manufacturing and entrepreneurial drive. It also stands out for its quality of life for the whole family and its cultural and sporting dynamism.

Here, there’s no question of endless traffic jams, long commutes between meetings or high living costs. By working in Drummondville and the surrounding region, you’re choosing to combine quality of life with a great career!

Our team

Executive management

  • Gerry Gagnon

    General Manager

Talent attraction

  • Julie Biron

  • Éric Marchesseault

    Coordinator, Integration and Retention of Foreign Workers
  • Nuno Jeronimo

    Immigration Lawyer
  • Joëlle Lagueux

    Immigration Lawyer
  • Lydia Marcotte

    Immigration Lawyer
  • Vanessa Beaudoin

    Talent Attraction Advisor
  • Suzanne Benoit

    Talent Attraction Advisor
  • Milaine Johnson

    Talent Attraction Advisor
  • Zoé L’Ériger

    Talent Attraction Advisor
  • Sophie Lachapelle

    Talent Attraction Advisor
  • Joaquin Larriva

    Welcome and Integration Advisor
  • Julie Rainville

    Talent Attraction Advisor
  • Laurence Aubry

    International Student Attraction Advisor
  • Johannie Roberge

    Immigration Support Assistant
  • Nancy Florentin

    Administrative Assistant
  • Shelley Matos

    Administrative Assistant
  • Valérie Wilson

    Administrative Assistant
  • Silvana Tovar

    Immigration Support Agent

Manufacturing and service industries

  • Marie‑Anne Lambert

  • Stéphane Massé

    Industrial Commissioner
  • Maxime Michaud

    Financial Analyst
  • Isabelle Bélanger

    Financial Analyst
  • Audrey Morris

    Sustainable Development Advisor
  • Marc‑André Patry

    Sustainable and Industrial Development Advisor

Trade and services

  • Maryse Fredette

  • Dominique G. Labbé

    Economic Development Advisor
  • Marc‑André Dumont

    Economic Development Advisor
  • Diane Grondin

    Commercial Revitalization Advisor
  • Véronique Larose

    Urban Planner
  • Maxime Valiquette‑Chapleau

    Economic Development Advisor and Mentoring Cell Coordinator

Tourisme et congrès

  • Daniel Lagueux

    Operations and Sales Manager
  • Yanick Gamelin

  • Raul Cortes

    Operations and Customer Service Assistant
  • Julie Verreault

    Tourism Development Advisor—Business and Sports Tourism
  • Alain Brosius

    Tourism Development Advisor
  • Daniel Simard

    Agricultural Development Advisor
  • Johanne Turcotte

    Tourist Reception and Information Advisor
  • Guy Déom

    Sales and Business Development Administrator
  • Stéphane Blouin

    Events Coordinator
  • Manon Faucher

    Administrative Assistant
  • Georges Lachapelle

    Technical Operations Assistant
  • Ghislain Manseau

    Building and Equipment Manager

Drummondville Airport

  • Richard Sylvain

    Assistant Manager
  • Pier‑Olivier Hamel

    Operations Agent
  • Julien Lepage

    Operations Agent

Communication and marketing

  • Simon Laliberté

  • Anthony Forcier

    Communication and Marketing Advisor
  • Julie Leblanc

    Communication and Marketing Advisor
  • Olivier Legris

    Content and Digital Media Creator


  • Louis Beauregard

  • Christiane Marcoux

  • Linda Larrivée

    Accounting Technician
  • Jennifer Low

    Human Resources Advisor

Our partners

Contact us

1400 Jean‑Berchmans‑Michaud Street
Drummondville, Quebec  J2C 7V3