Discover the industrial parks on the Drummond RCM territory.

The Drummond RCM has 12 industrial hubs. The topography is flat, with bedrock just a few metres below the surface. In addition to benefiting from access to local public transportation and national rail transport (Canadian National), the industrial parks are supplied with all the necessary infrastructure.

Here are a few examples:

  • Water supply
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Electricity
  • Natural gas

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Industrial park hubs

  1. Regional industrial park
  2. Municipal industrial park
  3. Industrial showcase
  4. Saint‑Charles industrial zone
  5. Saint‑Roch and Vachon industrial zone
  6. Boulevard Lemire industrial zone
  7. Robert‑Bernard industrial zone
  8. South Drummondville industrial zone
  9. Industrial zone at the intersection of Boulevard Saint‑Joseph and Jeanne‑Voyer
  10. 55 industrial showcase
  11. Saint‑Georges zone
  12. Areas defined as industrial parks are also available in other municipalities. Keep in mind that services and prices vary from place to place. Here are the municipalities with available sites:

    • Saint‑Germain‑de‑Grantham
    • Saint‑Cyrille‑de‑Wendover
    • Wickham
    • Notre‑Dame‑du‑Bon‑Conseil
    • Saint‑Félix‑de‑Kingsey